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Ketamine Treatment Center Loudoun is the passion project of Dr. Masud Baksh. Dr. Baksh is a board-certified internist. Early in his career Dr. Baksh realized the need to go beyond conventional medicine to address the unfulfilled needs of clients desiring to unlock the true potential of their health and well being. As the founder of Vital Health & Aesthetics in Ashburn, Virginia, he has been a regional leader in the adoption of emerging medical techniques to improve his patient's quality of life.

As Dr. Baksh followed the progress of ketamine as an answer to treatment resistant depression, he saw the opportunity to bring relief to patients who had lost hope. In 2023 he founded Ketamine Treatment Center Loudoun with the goal of providing "a light in the darkness" and a path back to happiness for so many who continue to suffer.

Dr. Masud Baksh, founder of Ketamine Treatment Center Loudoun and Vital Health & Aesthetics.

"Dr. Masud R. Baksh, MD - Board-Certified Internist

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